Woodside Bar & Kitchen

The board of Woodside Bar & Kitchen set a clear goal to become a leader in technology within the hospitality industry in South Auckland.

Client Brief

Recognizing the immense potential of automation in a dynamic environment like a bar and restaurant, they envisioned a space where technology simplifies operations and enhances customer experience. The primary desire was for a system where upon entering, the establishment would ‘spring to life’ automatically, requiring minimal input from employees. This forward-thinking approach aimed to streamline operations and create an engaging atmosphere for patrons. 

Solutions Selected

To achieve the goal of a highly automated environment that enhances security and operational efficiency at Woodside Bar & Kitchen, the following solutions were selected: 

Automated Rollers and Shutters

All door and window coverings are equipped with automated rollers and shutters. This system ensures maximum security by enabling automatic opening and closing based on predefined schedules or triggered events. These installations not only secure the property but also contribute to energy efficiency by regulating indoor temperatures and reducing the need for manual adjustments. 

Control4 Automation System

Integrated throughout the establishment, this advanced automation system enables seamless control over various aspects of the venue’s operations, including lighting, audio, climate control, and access and security. The system is designed to activate specific settings upon opening, ensuring that the bar and restaurant are ready to welcome guests with minimal staff intervention. 

Smart Lighting

A sophisticated lighting solution that automatically adjusts based on the time of day, event settings, and occupancy levels. This feature not only enhances the ambiance but also optimizes energy usage, creating an inviting and dynamic environment for patrons. 

Video Distribution System

Equipped to handle video outputs to 16 displays with 6 available sources, allowing for versatile media presentations and entertainment options across different areas of the venue. This system enables each display to access a variety of media sources, enhancing the customer experience by providing tailored visual content for every occasion. 

Access and Security System

Fully integrated with the Control4 system, this security solution provides comprehensive monitoring and control of entry points and security measures. It enhances safety while allowing for easy management of access permissions, ideal for both daily operations and special events. 

Music System

Incorporates high-quality speakers with microphone and live band inputs, facilitating a versatile audio setup perfect for live performances, DJ sets, and other entertainment offerings. This system enhances the audio experience, adding a dynamic component to the ambiance of the venue. 

WiFi & Networking

Installation of a robust networking solution to ensure high-speed internet access throughout the property. This setup supports the needs of the staff, guests, and various automated systems, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient operations. 

Finished Result

The final outcome of the Woodside Bar & Kitchen project is a state-of-the-art system that offers both flexibility and simplicity. When the first person enters the access code on the door, the entire building springs to life: lights turn on according to preset scenes, music begins to play, and TVs power up with the latest live game. The fully automated environment ensures minimal manual intervention, enhancing the efficiency and experience for both staff and patrons. 

Additionally, the venue features a full-function room upstairs available for hire, equipped with the capability to display custom content on the TVs and play personal music selections through Spotify and other services. This multifunctional space adds significant value to the business, making it an attractive option for private events.

Overall, this project has been a remarkable success, and we are proud to have been involved. We continue to provide ongoing service and support to ensure that Woodside Bar & Kitchen maintains its position as a technological leader in the hospitality industry.

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