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Secure your assets, protect your family.

We acknowledge how important safeguarding your assets and protecting your family is. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of home security solutions designed to provide you peace of mind, whether at home or away.

Why choose Next Group for home security?

Home security technology has evolved significantly in recent years, combining traditional security equipment with modern app-based controls to offer easy-to-use and operate systems that protect what matters most to you. Our home security solutions work tirelessly, every minute of the day, to ensure the safety and security of your family and belongings.

Home alarm

The “Classic” home alarm has been the go-to solution in New Zealand for many years. While internal sensing, audio sirens, and keypad-coded entry/arming have been standard features, modern solutions offer much more robust detection and feature-rich technology for up-to-date protection.


Explore a world of entertainment with our satellite installation services. Whether you’re into international channels, sports broadCamera surveillance provides an external layer of protection, extending up to the outer perimeter of your property. By recording external activity, surveillance cameras offer valuable insights beyond your four walls, enhancing your ability to take further actions to protect and secure your family and property. casts, or specialty programming, we’ll set you up with the perfect satellite solution to meet your viewing preferences.


The days of relying solely on lock and key access are long gone. Controlled gate access at property perimeters and managed keyless door entry offers convenient access for your family while maintaining high levels of security at all times.

Cyber safe

Home invasions are not limited to physical threats. Modern criminal activities now include cyber threats from outside sources. All homes must implement basic password protection practices, device and data network security, and privacy strategies that fit our modern world.


Ready to enhance the security of your home and protect your family with Next Group's home security solutions?

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