Cyber Safe

Protect your digital world with Cyber Safe

In today's digital age, protecting your home and family extends beyond physical security. Next Group offers Cyber Safe solutions to safeguard your digital world against online threats and intrusions. Our Cyber Safe services are designed to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your data, devices and personal information are protected from cyberattacks and online vulnerabilities.

Threat detection & prevention

Next Group’s Cyber Safe solutions have advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities to identify and block cyber threats before they infiltrate your network. With real-time monitoring and analysis, we keep your digital assets safe from malware, viruses, and other online threats.

Data encryption

Our cyber security services include data encryption measures to secure your sensitive information and prevent unauthorised access. Whether it’s personal documents, financial records or confidential files, we ensure that your data remains encrypted and protected at all times.

Secure network infrastructure

Next Group builds secure network infrastructures to create a robust defence against cyber attacks. From firewalls and intrusion detection systems to secure Wi-Fi networks, we implement layers of security to safeguard your home network and devices from external threats.

Device security

Protect your smart devices and IoT gadgets with Next Group’s device security solutions. We offer antivirus software, firmware updates and security patches to keep your devices up-to-date and protected against emerging threats.

Cyber awareness training

Educate yourself and your family about best cybersecurity practices with Next Group’s cyber awareness training programs. Learn how to recognise phishing scams, secure your passwords, and practice safe browsing habits to minimise the risk of cyber attacks.

Safeguard your digital life with Next Group's Cyber Safe solutions.

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