Seamless coverage across the globe

Experience the future of internet connectivity with Starlink, brought to you by Next Group. Say goodbye to traditional internet limitations and hello to high-speed, low-latency satellite internet that reaches even the most remote areas.

Revolutionary technology

Developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Starlink utilises a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to provide high-speed internet access to underserved and remote areas. With Starlink, you can enjoy broadband speeds that rival traditional cable and fibre-optic connections, even in rural locations.

Global coverage

Starlink’s satellite constellation is designed to provide seamless coverage across the globe, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can stay connected. Starlink delivers fast and reliable internet access, whether in a suburban neighbourhood or a remote rural community.

Low latency

Unlike traditional satellite internet services that rely on geostationary satellites, Starlink’s LEO satellites are positioned much closer to Earth, resulting in significantly lower latency. This means faster response times for online gaming, video conferencing and other real-time applications.

Pro installation

Installing Starlink involves more than just setting up equipment; it requires precise optimization to ensure maximum performance. That’s why it’s essential to have it installed by a professional. Our experienced technicians come equipped with the necessary expertise to not only manage the physical setup of your satellite dish, router, and mounting hardware but also to fine-tune your system for optimal connectivity. By choosing professional installation, you ensure that your Starlink setup is executed flawlessly, enhancing your overall internet experience and reliability.

Future-proof connectivity

With Starlink, you’re not just getting internet access – you’re future-proofing your connectivity. As SpaceX continues to deploy additional satellites and improve the Starlink network, you can expect even faster speeds and more reliable service in the future.

Experience the future of internet connectivity with Starlink.

Enjoy high-speed, low-latency internet access wherever you are. Contact us today to learn more about Starlink and schedule your installation.