Immerse your home in synchronised multi-room music

Experience the freedom to enjoy your favourite tunes in every corner of your home with Next AV's multi-room audio solutions. Say goodbye to music confined to a single room and hello to seamless, synchronised sound throughout your entire living space.

Unlimited zones

With Next AV’s multi-room audio solutions, there’s no limit to the number of zones you can create. Whether it’s the kitchen, the bedroom, or the backyard patio, enjoy independent control over each zone and tailor your listening experience to suit your mood.

Seamless integration

Our multi-room audio systems seamlessly integrate with your existing home technology, allowing you to access and control your music from any smart device effortlessly. With intuitive app-based controls, managing your audio zones has never been easier.

Customised configurations

Personalise your multi-room setup to match your unique preferences and lifestyle. Whether you prefer discreet in-ceiling speakers or standalone bookshelf units, our expert team will work with you to design a system that blends seamlessly with your home decor.

Whole home connectivity

Enjoy uninterrupted music streaming throughout your home, with robust connectivity ensuring smooth playback in every room. From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to Ethernet, our multi-room audio systems offer flexible connectivity options to suit your needs.

Ready to fill your home with harmonious melodies?

Contact us today to explore our range of multi-room audio solutions and discover the joy of music without boundaries.