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New office has a smart access system with remote management, facial recognition, QR code scanning, intercom features, and detailed logs for total security.

Client Brief

Mike and Louise, longstanding residential clients of Next Group, sought to extend the convenience and control they enjoyed at home with the Control4 system to their new office on Nuget Street, Auckland. Motivated by their positive experiences, they consulted with us to explore innovative automation solutions for their professional environment.

Solutions Selected

Smart Access Control

To enhance security and efficiency in their new office, we implemented a comprehensive smart access control system that allows Mike and Louise to manage user access remotely from anywhere.

Advanced entry options like facial recognition and QR code scanning for guests ensure robust security and include intercom calling capabilities locally and remotely. All entry activities are meticulously logged, giving management the ability to review access records as needed, ensuring total visibility and control over building access.

Security & CCTV

To enhance security at the new office, we installed comprehensive indoor and outdoor cameras and a robust alarm system to ensure 24/7 surveillance coverage. The alarm system includes motion detectors and door sensors that detect unauthorised access and promptly notify the security company.

A user-friendly app allows management to record and review footage anytime, simplifying monitoring. This system ensures constant security, with management having quick and easy access to surveillance data, offering peace of mind with round-the-clock protection.

Audio & Video Solutions

To enhance the office ambiance and functionality, we installed a streamlined audio system with three zones and 14 strategically placed speakers. This setup provides perfect background music, creating an inviting atmosphere for staff and visitors.

A user-friendly app allows easy control of music and volume. We also installed high-definition displays in key areas for advertising, video conferencing, and presentations, boosting productivity and communication. Like the audio system, these displays are designed for ease of use, ensuring staff can manage them effectively without technical issues.

Automated Office Integration

We upgraded the office by integrating the Control4 system, unifying various services into one customized app. This enables management to oversee and interact with the office’s entire ecosystem. From reviewing security camera feeds and controlling the alarm system to managing door and vehicle gate access, all functions are consolidated into a single, intuitive app. This centralisation eliminates the complexity of managing multiple systems. 

Finished Result

This centralisation is exactly what Mike and Louise desired, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple systems. At Next Group, we specialize in unifying isolated systems into a cohesive whole, simplifying and enhancing the user experience by ensuring all technological solutions are easily accessible.

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