Benbow Automation Project

Captivated by the capabilities of the Control4 system, the new owners embarked on an ambitious 18-month full renovation, aimed at integrating advanced automation throughout.
The Benbow Automation project began with Anyos, the new owner of a previously serviced property, who was introduced to the potential of home automation through a system handover experience provided by Next Group.
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Solutions selected

Control4 Home Automation

Centralized control system providing seamless management of lighting, security, entertainment, and climate, tailored to enhance living experiences through intuitive interfaces and automated routines.

WiFi and Networking

Robust and reliable network infrastructure designed to support the high demands of modern smart home devices, ensuring optimal performance and connectivity throughout properties.

TV Supply and Installation

High-quality television setups tailored to property aesthetics, providing optimal viewing experiences in various rooms.

UHF Aerial and Satellite Dish Installation: Ensures clear and reliable access to broadcast television, integrating seamlessly with overall entertainment systems.

Security Alarms and CCTV

Advanced security systems offering top-notch security and peace of mind.

Audio and Video

Custom audio and video solutions creating immersive audiovisual environments tailored to property acoustics.

Intercom and Gate Controls

Convenient and secure gate management systems enhancing accessibility and security for residents and visitors. 

Smart/Automated Lighting

Intelligent lighting solutions that adjust to different times of the day and activities, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of home environments.

Garden Lighting: Specialized lighting solutions for outdoor spaces, providing ambiance and increased security during the evening.

Automated Blinds and Curtains

Automated systems for blinds and curtains that enhance privacy and energy efficiency, operating on customizable schedules to adapt to daily routines. 

Finished Result

The completion of the Benbow Automation project marked a significant transformation in the property, revolutionizing the client’s interaction with technology and automation. The integration provided unparalleled power and flexibility, allowing adjustments to the home’s functionality to perfectly suit the family’s lifestyle. Key automated features include programmable heating for both the interiors and the pool, as well as automated blinds and curtains that adapt to time of day. Security features like automatic closing gates and garage doors ensure overnight security, enhancing peace of mind. Embracing the full potential of an automated home, Anyos and his family are already planning a subsequent project, aiming to explore even more advanced and expansive technological integrations.

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