Waiheke Retreat

From the outset, it was clear that the this project was destined to be extraordinary, not least because of its stunning location Auckland’s Waiheke Island.

Client Brief

Designed as a large family retreat that could also serve as a venue for hire for weddings and events, the property incorporates a spacious rooftop bar and deck, enhancing its appeal. The client’s vision was to incorporate full automation to ensure comfort and convenience for both guests and family, as well as for event attendees. The objective was to create an intuitive system that could be easily used by visitors while staying at the retreat, and also offer remote access to control and monitor all systems when the property was unoccupied.

Solutions Selected

Control4 Home Automation

Centralized control system providing seamless management of lighting, security, entertainment, and climate, tailored to enhance living experiences through intuitive interfaces and automated routines. 

WiFi and Networking

Installation of a robust networking solution, including Starlink satellite internet, to provide high-speed internet access across the entire property, vital for both personal and event use. 

TV Supply and Installation

High-quality television setups tailored to property aesthetics, providing optimal viewing experiences in various rooms. 

UHF Aerial and Satellite Dish Installation

Ensures clear and reliable access to broadcast television, integrating seamlessly with overall entertainment systems. 

Security Alarms and CCTV

Advanced security systems offering top-notch security and peace of mind. 

Audio and Video

Custom audio and video solutions creating immersive audiovisual environments tailored to property acoustics. 

Intercom and Gate Controls

Convenient and secure gate management systems enhancing accessibility and security for residents and visitors. 

Smart/Automated Lighting

Intelligent lighting solutions that adjust to different times of the day and activities, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of home environments.

Garden Lighting: Specialized lighting solutions for outdoor spaces, providing ambiance and increased security during the evening.

Automated Blinds and Curtains

Automated systems for blinds and curtains that enhance privacy and energy efficiency, operating on customizable schedules to adapt to daily routines. 

Finished Results

The Waiheke Retreat project has been a resounding success, providing immense satisfaction to both the family and their guests. As a testament to the quality and reliability of our services, the family remains a long-term client, and we have returned numerous times to perform upgrades and regular maintenance, ensuring the property and its systems are always in top condition. The installed systems have met and exceeded their needs and requirements, facilitating numerous memorable moments, particularly around the pool area, which has become a favorite gathering spot. The project not only delivered on its promise of luxury and convenience but has also continued to evolve, adapting to the family’s changing needs.

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