Control4 Apartment

We were contacted by the construction company Aspec who were building an apartment complex in Freemans Bay, Auckland.  They had a client who was interested in making his home as smart as possible.

Client brief

We contacted the owner to discuss his exact needs and requirements.  He went on to explain that they live in Wellington full time and this will be a weekend and holiday apartment used for business and personal trips up to Auckland. 

One important aspect of the brief was being able to have the apartment ready for their arrival, with lights and heat switched on remotely. Their budget was 75K.

Solutions selected

Fully Automated Lighting – With one-button welcome and goodbye, everything turns on/off instantly. Remote control enables light adjustment from anywhere, creating mood lighting effortlessly.

Aircon integration – Remote control allows temperature setting, with the system shutting off when leaving.

Aircon integration – Remote control allows temperature setting, with the system shutting off when leaving.

Access and Security – Integrated alarm system with video intercoms and electronic door locking, manageable remotely.

Multi-room Audio and Video – Integrated systems enable seamless audio and visual transition between rooms, with music streaming throughout the house.

Aircon integration – Having the aircon remotely controlled allows the owners to set the temperature to whatever they desire. A fully-integrated Aircon system also shuts off when the door is locked and the alarm set when they leave.

Multi room Audio and Video –  In this apartment, the living room had a wall mounted 65-inch TV, with full in-wall 5.1 surround sound speaker system. The second living room and bedroom also had respective televisions and surround sound systems, with audio zones in the kitchen, dining room, and deck.

All of these systems were connected to the house (and therefore to each other), allowing for full audio and visual integration.

This means the owners can watch anything on TV, and seamlessly move into another room and keep watching. The audio zones in the house also allow music streaming throughout. Listening to a favourite Spotify playlist in the kitchen for example, means you can walk into the bedroom and the music will follow.

Hardware used

The entire automated apartment is controlled by one system – Control4

With the Control4 integrated system, the client has complete and seamless control over the entire apartment, no matter where they are in the country, or even the world.

Finished Result

The client was ecstatic with how the apartment turned out. From lighting and heating, to security and entertainment, everything exceeded their expectations.

“I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending Derek based upon my experience. He delivered great professional service, no hard sell, and really quick delivery and installation and the outcome is much more than we had hoped for”

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