What is Control4 and how can it help automate your home?

Designer AV is one of the official installers of Control4, the worlds’ largest home automation company.

We have tried many different systems over the years, and Control4 is the one we settled on, finding that its simplicity, efficiency, and reliability is second to none.

A Control4 system in your house can make life so much easier, integrating all aspects of your home into one easily managed system.


With Control4 operating your lighting, you can increase your security, save on electricity, and create the perfect mood, both inside and outside your home.

Security lights take the form of motion sensors and timers, turning on and off automatically, self-adjusting to the different seasons. This not only saves you time by not having to reset them every couple of months, but also saves energy by only coming on when needed, allowing your home to be a little greener.

Control4 automated lighting also lets you set the mood with dimmed lighting for movie nights, or if you want to wake up gradually, you can set them to turn on in the morning.


Entertainment is a big part of our lives, whether it be music, television, or the latest blockbuster movies.

Control4 will take your viewing experience to the next level, replacing all your remotes with one that controls everything, from sound, input and even the lights.

Different channels can be watched in different rooms with no lag or interruption, and movies take on a life of their own with a fully-integrated surround sound system.

When it comes to music, an automated system with Control4 will allow everyone to enjoy their own music in their own space, offering internet streaming or custom music from almost any source.


The Control4 system isn’t just for convenience, it’s also for safety. A smart home can look after itself, giving you peace of mind, whether you’re home or away.

Smart locks with personalised codes let you know who’s coming and going, with hi-def cameras allowing you to check things from your phone or tablet. Doors can be locked the same way, meaning that even if you forget to lock up, you can still do it remotely.

Control4 can even create a “mockupancy”, which alternates lights, shades and even televisions in a random order, making it look like someone’s home. If there is an intruder, the home\’s lighting can be used along with an alarm, flashing on and off, adding another level of security.


A smart home can control your environment automatically, responding to the changing weather outside.

The system can set the temperature based on the timing of the sun coming up or going down, or if you have a regular routine, it ensures your home is nice and cosy for you when you arrive home from work.

Total automation allows you to set the blinds to close when it gets dark, trapping the heat in, or on a hot summer day, turning the air-conditioning on for your pets while you’re at work.


One of the great things about Control4 is how easy it makes communication with others.

Displays and messages can be sent to televisions around the home, allowing you to tell the kids dinner’s ready without shouting through the walls, or you can use the two-way communicators. This same comms system also lets you check who’s at the door and speak to them via video feed.

And because your Control4 smart home is also connected to your mobile, you can receive notifications when someone rings the doorbell, deciding whether or not to talk to them from your phone.

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Integrating lighting, visual, audio, heating and security will take your home lifestyle to another level, making you wonder how you ever lived without it.

The Control4 system is simply the best in the world, making everyday life easier, more secure and comfortable for you and your family.

Next Group is a “Diamond Dealer”, the highest level of certification for Control4 installers, and one of only three in New Zealand.

If you would like to know more about Control4, or home automation in general, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.