Why smart homes are the future

Only a few years ago, smart homes were only within the reach of the uber-rich, but now with technology advancing at such a rapid pace, pretty soon having a smart home will be considered the norm!

With products like the Amazon Echo, Apple Homepod, and Google Home now going at your local store for only a few hundred bucks, the beginnings of everyday smart home automation is obvious. It won’t be long before every new home that’s built comes with the infrastructure to accommodate smart home technology.

So what can you expect from a smart home?

Is all this hype worth it?

Here’s a brief look at how a smart home can change the way you live, room by room.

The living room is transformed

Most of our time in the living room is spent watching television, and a smart home takes this experience to another level.

With on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, we can already watch what we want to, when we want to, but having all our devices connected together makes it even easier.

Imagine you’re ready to settle in for the night with a movie. A simple voice command dims the lights, turns on the TV, plays your movie, and turns the heating up, getting everything ready for you. All that’s left is for you to curl up on the sofa with the popcorn!

The smart home kitchen

The kitchen in a smart home is like something from a sci-fi movie. Cookers, coffee makers, timers… they can all be controlled automatically or remotely. Have a nice flat white waiting for you when you get up in the morning, or start to boil the potatoes on your way home for work so they’re ready by the time you get home.

And of course, many people like to listen to music as they cook, so luckily a smart home can play your favourite music in the kitchen while the kids listen to their own playlists in their bedrooms. Or maybe you’re following cooking instructions on YouTube? Not a problem either. You can watch what you want, where you want, and it doesn’t have to affect the rest of the house.

Bedroom smart technology

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential, and a smart home can help. Automated air conditioners can detect if it’s too hot or too cold, and adjust the temperature accordingly, keeping your bedroom at the optimal sleeping climate.

A smart alarm clock can do more than simply wake you up. Imagine an alarm clock that plays your favourite song each morning, and tells you what the weather is like outside. Or plays you audiobooks before you go to bed, or reads the kids a bedtime story. With a speaker and microphone, your alarm clock can also turn into a phone, answering or making calls as you lie in bed. Feeling a bit hungry? Give Dominoes a call from under your duvet!

Bathroom smart technology

Full of water and steam, you might think your bathroom is exempt from smart home technology, but you’d be surprised. Waterproof speakers are very common now and surprisingly cheap. Perfect to sing along with when you’re having your morning shower.

And if you have to get up during the night to use the bathroom, then you’ll know how annoying it is being blinded by the light and woken up fully. Smart home motion detectors can light up some soft, ambient lighting, showing you the way, but still allowing you to get back to sleep again!

If you really want to go all-out when it comes to smart home technology, then you can even buy smart toothbrushes! And while it may seem like overkill, the idea is to teach children how to brush their teeth properly, showing them on an app how long they brushed for, and what they can do to improve their oral health.

Join the smart home technology future today!

Smart homes are inevitable. In the same way cassette tapes died when CDs came along, pretty soon you won’t be able to buy technology that isn’t compatible with a smart home.

Get ahead of the curve and contact us and find out how we can transform your home – and your life – with the latest smart home technology.

Modern smart home technology like Google Home and Amazon Alexa might just be coming to the public’s attention, but we’ve been in this business a long time, and we’re proud to be one of the foremost experts in smart homes in New Zealand.

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