How a smart home can protect your family

Protecting your family is the number one priority for any parent. We live in a dangerous world, and it makes sense to take every precaution necessary when it comes to home security.

That’s where a smart home really comes into its own. The incredible ways in which modern technology can make your family, your home, and your possessions safer is worth the initial investment alone.

Here we explain the top ways in which a smart home can protect your family.

No more peeking out the window

An unexpected knock on the door late at night? Not to worry! The modern smart home comes equipped with the latest high-tech video security systems, allowing you to keep on top of who’s coming and going from your house.

Two-way intercoms at the front door mean you can not only see who’s there, but talk to them without opening the door. This is perfect for people who are home alone, or kids who stay home by themselves for a few hours.

Having that extra barrier between you and strangers can mean the difference between staying warm and safe on the sofa – and answering the door to the unknown late at night.

Smart door locks

Have you ever left for work and had that horrible feeling you’ve forgotten to lock the door behind you? Well with a smart home, that’s not a problem!

Smart locks allow you to close them remotely, meaning even if you did forget to lock up before you left, you can still do it from work or the car. Garage doors, windows and even pool covers can all be closed from anywhere in the world using your smart phone.

Conversely, you can open them too, so if the kids forget their keys or a package is delivered, then you can check who’s at the door through the camera and open it for as long as it takes.

Smart locks can also be programmed to only let certain people in, so everyone in the family can have their own unique code – which you’ll be notified about when used. This means you can see when and which kids get home, giving you peace of mind that no one is late or not home when they should be.

Lighting up your life

Smart homes can control all aspects of your lighting, from setting the mood during a movie, to waking up slowly in the morning, but when it comes to security, lighting can make a huge difference to your home.

Smart lighting can create a “mockupancy”, which alternates lights, shades and even televisions in a random order, making it look like someone’s home when you’re out for the night or off on holiday.

Security lights on pathways or out in the garden can be attached to motion sensors, lighting up those shadowy areas with the slightest movement. If there is anyone who shouldn’t be there, the sudden illumination will make them scatter before getting any further.

Keep an eye on things – from anywhere

Smart homes not only have a camera at the front door, but they can also have cameras throughout the house. These cameras are attached to the Wi-Fi, making them accessible from your smart phone anywhere in the world.

Basically acting as one giant nanny cam, a smart home allows you to keep an eye on kids, babysitters or housecleaners. And since most burglaries happen during the day when people are at work, having a home security system is the best way to catch a burglar in the act, or at the very least, have a nice clear picture of the offender for the police.

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