Meet the new upgrade for your Control4 Smart Home System

One of the things we love the most about modern technology is its ability to constantly change and adapt.

Software programmes, like applications and operating information, is a great example of that.

Programmers are constantly working behind the scenes to make systems run smoother, faster, and more intuitively for their users, and the Control4 System is no exception.

Why we use Control4

The Control4 Smart Home System is our preferred setup when it comes to creating a smart home.

Each Control4 piece is modular, meaning it can all join together bit-by-bit, allowing you to only start with what you can afford, and slowly build up a fully integrated smart home.

Not only does every piece come ready to install, but the company is known for its outstanding customer service, including extensive resources to help you learn how to use your system.

Online guides, tutorials and videos, including the idea gallery, showcases a wide variety of customers and how they have automated their homes using the same system.

Control4 OS 3

The latest software update for Control4 is the OS 3, a revolutionary new system which puts more capabilities, features, and benefits at your fingertips.


The new OS 3 is even more intuitive than its predecessor, providing easy access and control for all devices across your home.

The new control setup has been thoughtfully redesigned with a fluid interface and interaction enhancements to make control of your home easier and more instinctual.


The new OS 3 allows you to create a Favorites screen, somewhere you can collect your most frequently used icons in one place.

With fewer taps and fewer touches, whatever you need is only a screen away, no matter which device you are using.


From your own wallpapers specific to each room, through to pre-set controls, the OS 3 gives you unmatched personalization and control capabilities, making your smart home uniquely yours.

In the palm of your hand

The OS 3 system is designed to work across many platforms, so whether you’re using it on your phone, through your television, or simply on the Control4 touchscreen, the interface is naturally intuitive and designed to display the correct icons with instant feedback.

Working through your TV on a handheld remote, the on-screen display is focused specifically for entertainment, allowing you to easily pull up audio/video entertainment and favourite devices.

The Control4 Touch Screen has its usual list of icons and their current status, but the response time has been upgraded, resulting in immediate control of anything in your smart home.

Upgrade your smart home with the new Control4 System

We honestly believe that the Control4 Smart Home System is the best on the market, and now the OS 3 upgrade is available, for us, it’s a no brainer.

With over a thousand enhancements on the previous version, the OS 3 delivers more usability with one-touch access and control over your entire home.

For existing users of the Control4 System, this is the perfect time to upgrade. This is what the software was designed to do, allowing you to keep your smart home ahead of the curve.

If you have a smart home but don’t have the Control4 System, now’s the perfect time to make the switch.

And if you don’t have a smart home, but want to join the 21st Century, it’s time to take the plunge.

We are a “Platinum Dealer” for Control4, one of only three accredited businesses to have this status out of 95 dealers in New Zealand.

If you want your home to be up-to-date with the latest software and technology, then give us a call today.