Why you should invest in a home theatre system

Home theatre systems used to be exclusively for the uber-rich and famous, but no longer. With developments in modern technology, including flat-screen TVs, surround sound systems, and fully integrated remote controls, having a home theatre system has never been easier – or more affordable.

Taking movie night to the next level

There is a reason people go to the cinema. The large, engrossing screen and the immersive surround sound all add to the experience of a movie. With a home theatre system, it’s just like going to the movies, but better!

A night at the cinema can be fun, but it can also be a pain. If you’re unlucky you’ll have someone sitting nearby who’ll constantly talk, or worse, someone sitting behind you with a cough, spreading their germs for everyone to take home.

Add to that finding a parking space, getting good seats, and the exorbitant price of confectionary, and suddenly a night in seems the better option. If you’ve got your own home theatre system, then a night in is always the better option!

Sports and Games

But it’s not just movies that a home theatre system can enhance. Watching sport on a big screen is nearly as good as being at the match, and with surround sound you can hear people shouting behind you, making you feel like you’re right there, in the crowd.

Gaming is taken to a whole new level, with the generation who grew up with Sega and Nintendo consoles, now happy to play Playstation and X-Box after a hard day’s work. The high-def screens, virtual reality headsets, and reactive movement sensors of modern gaming machines are only shown to their full advantage with the correct system to play them on.

Entertaining guests

While it’s great to cuddle up in your pyjamas and watch a movie, it would be a shame not to share your new home theatre system with friends and family. And trust us, once you have a home cinema, everyone wants to come round!

Your new home theatre system will become the go-to place for friends and family. The guys will want to watch the game at yours with a few beers, couples will want to come over for a glass of wine and a movie, and the kids will want to bring their friends for a sleepover.

And because it’s your home cinema, you decide where, when and how things happen. Serve the food you like, pause a movie for a break, or turn the volume up or down to suit you and no one else.

A home theatre adds to the aesthetic and value of your home

A home theatre system is built not just for any home, but for your home. The size, shape and technical specifications of the system are custom designed to suit you. It will be unique and built for your maximum viewing pleasure.

And if you decide to move house down the line, having a home theatre system will add significant value and appeal to your home. A home cinema will wow potential buyers, not only making them happy to pay extra for the set-up, and who knows, could even start a bidding war between prospective buyers!

Talk to us about a home theatre system

Transform your home into your own personal cinema with our help.

A home theatre system will change the way you watch movies, TV and sport forever. Whether it’s entertaining guests, hanging out with family and relaxing in the comfort of your own home, home theatre brings another dimension to your leisure time.

Cinema tickets are increasing in price each year, while home theatres systems are becoming more affordable, making them an investment rather than an indulgence.

Forget having to put up with noisy movie-goers, ridiculously expensive popcorn, and uncomfortable seats.

Have your kids invite their friends over for movie nights and pyjama parties in the privacy and security of your own home.

A home theatre system will change your life, both personal and social. Whether it’s beers with the guys while watching the All Blacks, or a glass of wine and a romantic movie with your partner.

Call us today and let’s get the ball rolling on making your dreams come true.