How a smart home makes family life easier

With technology becoming more and more advanced each year and at the same time becoming cheaper to manufacture, the average homeowner now has a choice of tools and gadgets which were science-fiction only a few years ago.

Technology is becoming so ubiquitous that homes and buildings are now even being designed with automation in mind, and smart homes are becoming the norm.

Whether you like it or not, Artificial Intelligence is becoming a part of our lives, and is only going to become more prominent in the future.

This is good news for the average family home, with parents, kids and even the family pets all benefiting from smart home technology.

Household chores

The bane of every family home.

Trying to get everyone to do their fair share of the housework can be a nightmare.

Whether it’s washing dishes, hanging clothes to dry, or even something as simple as watering plants.

Sometimes we forget, other times there are only so many hours in a day and it’s hard to fit chores into an already full schedule.

A smart home can help a family stay on track with reminders and by even doing some of the work for you!

The family can all have access to a common planning schedule, so everyone knows what job they have to do and when they are to do it.

And no one can pretend they forgot, as notifications can be sent to their phones or tablets, reminding them that the dishwasher needs emptying, or it’s time to clean their rooms.

Technology has progressed so fast that now we even have robots to do our work for us!

Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for a while now, but as with most technology, they were quite expensive when they first appeared on the shelves. Today’s versions are not only a fraction of the price but have built-in wifi, mapping sensors, and some even have cameras!

You can command them to give the living room a quick once over while you’re on your way home from work, or set a time to clean when you know everyone is out and they’re free to work away!

Keeping kids safe

Children need different things at different stages of their lives, and a smart home can help with all of it.

For the youngest, helping them to get into a routine at night is essential, and automation can help. From dimming lights to playing soft lullabies, a smart home can let a child know it’s bedtime, helping them settle easier and sleep through the night.

Once they get mobile it’s a different matter. You can’t take your eyes off them for a second!

Fortunately, with smart home technology, you can keep an eye on them with cameras, no matter where you are in the world.

You can also limit their screen time, so if you think they’ve had enough games and videos for the day, they can be locked out without a password.

There are plenty of devices you can add to your smart home which let you track where toddlers are and what they’re (trying) to get up to.

Sensors in cupboards can notify you if they’re opened, helping you keep curious little hands away from potential danger, while alarms in rooms detect anyone (big or small) who shouldn’t be there.

For older kids who can be home alone for a while, security is made easy with smart home technology. Doors can be unlocked with a mobile device or from a remote location, and any visitors to the house can be seen on camera and communicated with, without having to open the door first.

Everyone has their own settings

One of the great things about a smart home is how the settings can be tailored to each individual in the house.

If you have a moody teenager who likes to spend all day in his room with the lights dimmed and a favourite playlist blasting, then one touch of a button sets everything in motion.

Similarly, if Mum likes it a bit cooler than dad, then each individual room can have its own temperature setting, just right for whoever’s in there.

When the kids are in bed and it’s time to cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie, one simple voice command can lock the doors, dim the lights, and launch Netflix.

A smart home is fully customisable to you and your family’s needs.

All you have to do is decide how you want to live.

Keep an eye on pets

For those of us who wish we could spend all day at home with our pets, smart homes offer the next best thing. As well as regular security cameras, there are special cameras for pets, low down so you can see them up close and personal.

These are usually attached to their food bowls so you can feed them remotely, and some even have two-way screens and communication so they can see and hear you!

You also never have to worry about rooms getting too hot or too cold with total control over the thermostat, so looking after your fur baby has never been easier.

Make family life easier with smart home technology

From Dad to the dog, everyone in the family can have a better life through smart home technology.

From helping to plan and carry out chores, through to entertaining babies, modern technology is designed to help us in our everyday lives.

With equipment more affordable and advanced than ever before, now is the perfect time to switch to a smart home.

If you would like to know how we can help transform your family home into something special, then contact us today for more information.

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