Home theatre systems – is it time to invest in one?

Home theatre systems are more in demand now than ever after the coronavirus pandemic, so we thought we would take the opportunity to explain everything you need to know if you’re considering building a home cinema.

IS Covid-19 the death of cinemas?

Even M15’s greatest agent couldn’t fight against the coronavirus outbreak, with the latest James Bond movie postponed for the foreseeable future.

And it makes sense.

Cinemas, by their very nature, are perfect for the transmission of infectious diseases; hundreds of people all sitting together in the same room for a couple of hours.

Even if it’s a single person that is sick with Covid-19, because of the high communicability rate of the virus, there’s a good chance dozens more will catch it by the time the credits roll.

The world has changed since the beginning of this outbreak, and even though we may get back to normal again soon, the memory of this will last for generations.

People will be warier about being in large crowds, especially indoors, and the change in attitudes might just be the final nail in the coffin of an already declining pastime.

What to consider when planning a home theatre system

It’s no surprise then that the interest in home theatre systems has spiked in recent months.

Being under lockdown, many families started having special movie nights, and a lot of parents realised that it was preferable to having an expensive night out at the cinema.

If you’re considering installing a home cinema, then there are a few things you need to consider.

Just for movies?

Home theatre systems aren’t only suitable for movies, so it’s important to have an idea what exactly a new room will be used for. A customised theatre has many uses, like a gaming room for the latest consoles, or a multi-media room with TV, streaming services, and internet.

When it comes to designing and building a home cinema, knowing exactly what you want ahead of time will save time, money, and man hours.

Consider the neighbours

If you live in an apartment building, flat, or semi-detached house, then you’ll need to consider the impact a home theatre will have on your neighbours.

Most people want isolation as part of their new cinema experience, which not only keeps your movie nights in your home, but also cuts out other noises coming in.

A rickety washing machine on the other side of the wall, an upstairs neighbour with their own surround sound system, or even keeping the kids quiet in the next room, it’s always a good idea to soundproof.

Budget in advance

Home cinemas come in many different shapes and sizes, with some basic versions being surprisingly affordable.

Simple setups might be something like a large, flatscreen television with a decent set of speakers around the room, giving you a great surround sound experience.

Moving up in budget the television might be replaced by a screen and projector, turning a wall into a giant screen.

Additional components can be added on, such as recliners and mood lighting, giving a truly cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

Entertain friends and family

But of course it would be a shame to keep a beautiful new home theatre system all to yourself!

A big screen is perfect to watch sport on, and with the surround- sound turned up to 11, you will feel like you are actually at the game!

And guess whose house is going to be the centre of all the social gatherings once word gets out you’ve got a home cinema? It’s not just the lads coming over for the match and a few beers, couples, relatives, and friends of your kids will all want to experience movie night at your house!

Invest in a home cinema today

With immersive surround-sound, crystal-clear images, and integrated, easy-to-use controls, home theatre systems are the next best thing to the cinema.

And after the Covid-19 pandemic, they might just be a replacement for them. Whether it’s entertaining guests, hanging out with the family, or relaxing with your better half, a home cinema is the place to do it!

Basic setups cost less than you think, but if you really want to go the whole hog, then we can help with that too.

Home theatre systems are not just built for any home, but for your home. The size, shape, and technical specifications are all bespoke for you and you alone, built for your personal viewing pleasure.

If you would like to know more about a home cinema, then contact us today with any questions you might have.

Our experienced and friendly experts will be happy to have a chat and find a solution that works for you!