Why quality home networking makes all the difference – Part 2

In our previous post, we talked about home networks, explaining what they are and why they are important.

In this post we’ll explain how they work, some of the terminology used, and how the devices all perform together.

Recap on what a home network is

A home network is simply the term we use to describe all the electronic devices in our homes which are connected to each other.

Computers, tablets, phones, printers, and gaming consoles are all connected on the same network through a router, which can also connect to the outside world via the internet.

Issues arise as more and more devices are added to the network, and the speed of the travelling information is curtailed.

Fortunately, with the correct devices in the right places, a quality home network can handle as much information as you can throw at it, never lagging or overloading.


Throughput is the term we use to describe how fast information passes along the network.

The faster information flows, the faster that data can be sent and received. This allows the devices to work at their peak, processing the information as quick as it comes in, and sending back a response.

Simply put, the higher the throughput, the easier and quicker it is for devices to talk to one another, even across the internet.

In a slow throughput system, devices must wait for each other to finish using the available bandwidth before they can send their own information. This slows the whole system down, and the more devices on the system, the slower it is.

With a capable home network, high throughput allows you to utilize the full speed of your internet, giving you faster upload and download times, smoother streaming, and flawless multitasking.


Capacity is the number of devices you can connect to your network before it starts slowing down.

A high capacity home network can handle dozens of devices without them impacting performance, delivering each device the same throughput it would receive as if it were the only one connected.

Low-capacity networks become noticeably sluggish as each new device is added, slowing down to a crawl. This is particularly frustrating when trying to watch video, whether that’s small YouTube clips or streaming movies from Netflix.

Good home networking plans ahead, allowing you to add more devices as time goes by, futureproofing yourself against the inevitable progress of technology.


Coverage describes the physical range of your Wi-Fi signal, i.e. how far you can get from your house before the signal drops.

But good coverage isn’t just about range, it’s also about strength. A strong signal passes through even the thickest walls and floors, finding devices in every corner of the house, garage, or basement.

Good coverage means you’ll always have a strong signal with consistent throughput, no matter where you wander around your property.

A good, strong signal allows users to enjoy entertainment anywhere in the home, as well as being able to get important work done away from noisy kids.


One of the most important aspects of a home network is security.

The best networks have the latest encryptions, protecting your sensitive data while allowing you to control access to your own network.

From banking information to confidential business reports, if you have it on a device which is accessible via the internet, then you are vulnerable to hacking.

The latest security encryption standards are essential for safe and secure home networking.

On top of that, guest networks can be set up, allowing visitors to your home to log onto the internet, but stay completely separate from your personal data.

Let us help with your home network

A great home network needs to be three things for optimal performance; consistent, effective, and responsive.

Consistent means it won’t let you down. It will run smoothly at the same rate it always does, no matter how many devices are connected.

Effective encompasses it capability to handle as many devices as you need. If you’ve got a home with half a dozen people, all using their own devices in different ways, it won’t matter because your state-of-the-art network can handle it all.

Responsive allows all the devices to run as fast as they can. With everything operating at peak performance, there’s no frustration at movies suddenly stopping, no mistakes made during important business conferences, and no lapse in security.

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