Automated TV lifters can transform your home cinema experience

Whether it’s the added opulence you are looking for, or simply a logistical issue, automatic, motorised TV lifters can transform your room, enhancing your home cinema experience.

A whole new dynamic to your home

As useful as they are, having a large television can also have its drawbacks.

Aesthetically, they can look out of place, perhaps blocking a wonderful view, or taking up too much space in a small room.

TV lifters can solve these types of problems by hiding the TV away, or keeping it somewhere unobtrusive until it’s needed.

This not only frees up space in your home, but also adds new possibilities when it comes to interior design, allowing you to plan the aesthetic quality of a room more to your liking.

Motorised TV lifters give you options when it comes to home cinemas, room layout, furniture design, and even wall, window and door placement.

Perfect solutions on offer with all types of TV lifters

No matter the size and shape of your room, we have the perfect solution for your television.

Wall Mount

The simplest TV lifter is the wall mount. This allows a TV to be placed either on a wall, inside a wall or sitting flush, making the entire screen flat with the wall.

Wall mounts can also be movable, either by hand or electronically, giving the option to angle the TV in any direction desired.

Moving panel

Moving panels are different to traditional wall mounts, as they move something else out of the way to reveal the screen, rather than move the TV itself.

Popular versions include large paintings or family portraits, which slide out of the way with the touch of a button to reveal the TV.

Moving panels typically come in three options; single panel, split panel, or advancing panel.

Single panel simply moves an object out of the way, split panel splits it in two, with one going left and the other right (or up and down), and the advancing panel moves in behind the wall, with the TV then “advancing” out and sitting flush.

Ceiling mount

Ceiling mounts are exactly what they sound like – a way to hang your TV from the ceiling.

They come in four basic types; standard mounts which hang down from the ceiling, a ceiling hinge which keeps the TV flat to the roof when not in use, inverted lifts which appear from a space in the ceiling as they are lowered, and a pitched ceiling bracket, which is perfect for sloped roofs such as a loft space.

Ceiling mounts offer a great alternative to a wall mount and save precious floor space.

Bed mount

Bed mounted TV lifters are impressive mechanisms which are gaining in popularity.

The TV is stored under the bed and slides out with the touch of a button, raising the TV up at your feet. With smooth and efficient movement, they are perfect for eliminating extra cabinets or shelves, and add an extra dimension to the bedroom.

Floor/table mount

For the ultimate wow factor in home luxury, these TV lifters allow a television to be stored in the floor or table out of sight.

It’s not only the perfect friend of the interior designer, but having a huge flat screen TV appear from nowhere is guaranteed to impress guests.

The cutting edge of technology

Nothing says home luxury like an automated television lifter.

They are the ultimate space saver, not only hiding away the TV, but eliminating the need for a stand or cabinet to set it on.

Modern TV lifters offer space-efficient designs and the latest technological advancements, making them lightweight but also incredibly strong.

Whether it’s coming out of your floor or ceiling, hiding under your bed, or becomes pride of place in the middle of your living room, TV lifters can transform a home and forever change your viewing experience.

If you’re interested in TV lifters, or having a home theatre system installed, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly and experienced team of engineers and designers will be happy to help in any way they can.

If you have any questions about a home cinema, TV lifters, or anything else we can help with, give us a call today and let’s start a conversation about transforming your lifestyle.